Caper Republic

Caper Republic Cabinet

We support El Presidente and Diputado Presidente, and ensure the running of government does not interfere with 'Caipirinha Friday', a sacred day in our peoples working week. We fashion policies from our beach hut corporate headquarters known as La cueva juego in goverment-grade hammocks. Our mission is to serve our fearless leader in the distribution of his peoples primary export, video games.

Colonel Ratticus

Commander of the Caper interior police and torture unit

"The Colonel has never attempted to water-board a prisoner with skittles. The Colonel has never wrongly accused a cat of having human lips. The Colonel has never thrown seagulls from a rudimentary catapult at Caper Republic citizens. The Colonel has saved me from my twisted and vile notions of liberty. Long live Colonel Ratticus."

- Rolando, resident of La Bueno y Diversión maximo seguridad

In-between spending his time in the torture chamber of the Caper Republic HQ reciting Beth Ditto lyrics in binary to bedraggled 'guests', The Colonel presides over the Republic's code.

As any good 'code torturer' should, he presides over all the technical aspects of the Republics projects: from tools and implementation to interacting with design and art assets.

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Albums and B sides

Published: 8/25/2014 10:37:00 PM

Hello internet. I’m back once again with another random musing on what I’ve learned from making games. This time round I’m going to set up an analogy and then torture it to death: Putting a game together can be a lot like mixing an album! So I have p...

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Tito Mungy

Minister for Propoganda

"When the people don't know how to think, all we have to do is look at the walls of our streets to see the chipping sun bleached paint of Minister Tito Mungy's murials. The poorer and more numerous you are, the better off you are with Tito, as his giant colourful motivational slogans light even the dullest crumbling tower block. 'Work more or Jesus hates you' – inspiring."

- Raúl Grillo Jnr, former owner of the Lazy Goat jazz bar

His haunting 'peoples murials' aside, Tito spends most of his time drinking absinthe and wearing a beret, to at least appear in keeping with artists of the perhaps freer world.

The visage of liberal innovator is a mere veil for the machinations Tito is involved with in the Republic's HQ. All of the islands art most be either created by him or go through his inspections, from websites to games and from tramp-stamp tattoos to game character inspired embroidery.

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MMM, Blended goodness.

Published: 8/5/2014 3:02:00 PM

Cant think of a way to start this blog so why don't you close your eyes go to your mind palace and think of something awesome like Ninja kittens fighting sloths using nun-chucks made from Scorpions while a pug puppy dressed a Roman Emperor sits betwe...

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Krillo Cooder

Owner of the Lazy Goat jazz bar

"So come to the Lazy Goat jazz bar if you want to get sick and die and leave a big, garlicky corpse! P.S. Parking was ample."

- Homberto Simperio, journalist at Caper Island Shopper

Rumoured to be part of the resistance movement in Caper Republic, Krillo Cooder can oft be found in his jazz bar 'The Lazy Goat', which is his thanks to a mojito fueled midnight game of sabacc.

With his style of cape-bop singing being branding 'a pleasant attack on the audience', he is well suited to the Republic's cultural philosophy. He is regarded highly among the people as his status lends their voice to the islands administration, whom he keeps sufficiently entertained through music, sound effects and mouth harp melodies.

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I have a Newgrounds account

Published: 10/17/2013 4:08:00 PM

Follow me on new grounds: I'll be posting on Newgrounds, both for Caper Republic games and also for any creative side projects that I'm currently working on. I'll also be trying to gain insight into techniques and ...

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