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Let the world have its
#1 Posted : 19 August 2019 06:43:16(UTC)
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Let the world have its footsteps and let me keep my embarrassment. When the festering mind no longer wants to do a little thought, let me quietly return to my shackles, remembering to be a couch, with sorrow as a cover, this is my only beauty, every time the spring is surprised My heart is hot. What happened? How beautiful they are! I have not forgotten the joy of standing in front of the flowers. The rhythm of nature's growth of flowers and grass teaches me the secret of regeneration. Like the loyalty of the flowers to the season, I heard a little confession of Du Fu. After every spring, I am more faithful to what I love. Today, it seems that spring has been absent. Suddenly remembered, just a cold and cold in my heart, March spring breeze like scissors! Sometimes, give yourself to the street and hand it to the chair of the cinema. That night, I went to the cinema inexplicably, sitting casually, someone came to catch up, changed a chair, and someone came to ask. Finally, I took out the ticket and looked carefully, and went to the corner of the seat. This is my own. . If it is doomed, it will always be doomed. Suddenly realized, everything is strong in vain, and his own space has already been arranged. When he is born, he is trying every means to push to that space, whether he wants or not. With the arrangement, I went back to that space, bid farewell to the colorful world, bid farewell to what I loved, and returned to the corner where I once escaped and thought I would never go back. When the sound of the iron grid fell, I knew that I couldn��t get out of it again. I lay down with a smile and spread the memory of the stolen, one by one. Maybe, I know that I don��t have much time. Maybe, I��m so destined to be sent back. When I enter the colorful world, I��m anxious to taste the taste of life. Very serious, but also very desperate, a dress and a shirt, there are laughter, and Fang Xin. I want to collect it carefully, after all, it is hard to come by. In the most intimate pocket, I have the most cherished name, I still want to call a few times a day, I feel that a touch of warmth. They all really treated me with sincerity. Now in this dark corner, holding them to sleep is the only reward I can make. Enough, I lay down with a smile, these are enough for me to make a beautiful encounter. Every day, there are always some voices pulling me, pulling me out of my heart, going to find a new world, and everything is coming back. They cherish me more than me. They tried every means to find the locks and my hands and feet. The locks have long been lost. I am willing to be self-disciplined and willing to lose. For a tired person, all the words of the light and the big are like a colorful bubble. How can you cast a strong word for a weak life? If death is the only thing that can be done Marlboro Gold, then let it be the temper! This is generous. Forcing a donkey to break through and let it fall into the spider's net, is it kindness? All the birds thought that it was a good act to raise the fish in the air. Sometimes it was silly to suggest that they went the same way, bought the same flowers, listened to the familiar voice, looked at the window, imagined the little lights. Light up, dress oneself and one shirt, think that you can return to the world that has passed away, at least, close your eyes and feel that you are really in the colorful. If there is a dream that I can't wake up, I must do it. If there is a way to go, I must go. If there is love that can't change, I must ask for it. If, if there is nothing, let me go back to the fate of fate! The beauty of these two decades is a good faith lie Newport Cigarettes. I have brought the most beautiful part together and turned it into a spring mud Marlboro Red. But even death is not a humble person can plead. Time is like a boring prisoner, playing black and white cards for me. The space is like a big stone mill, slowly grinding, so that the blood fat of the human body must be exhausted, and even when the last drop of blood drops, Kenli will throw it away. The world can have a chaotic pace, and there is naturally a set of cruel rules and filtering methods. Life is a hangman, and there is no dusk on the blade facing Linyi tomorrow, thinking about the past. A lovely face, a laughter... One minute and a second... Some dawns, some nights... A mystery of infinite gentleness, an infinite scorpion of poisonous death. I have been deeply loved, loved deeply, cried seriously, earnestly earned a living, and earnestly love. What about today? . . . The world is not to learn to earnestly hate, but to come to receive a love that I deserve. In the twentieth year of my life, I received this gift, how excited I am to untie the beautiful knot, and pray for a beautiful and noble gift. What can I do when a pair of shattered crystal glaze is in my trembling hands? Tears seriously, then? Then what? Going back to the dark space, then what? Seriously satisfied. When the sound of the iron grid fell, I knew that I could no longer go out and linger on the last rays of my life, and then carefully examine it one by one. Put in a vivid and vivid day, put the familiar face, familiar words into it, and tear off the pages of life, the most important and favorite of the page, and put it together, you have to repeat it again and again. read. Put yourself in the end, and work hard at the age of twenty to clean up the splendid end. Return the smile to yesterday and return the lonely to yourself.
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