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Tutorials of optical fiber cat connected to wireless router
#1 Posted : 18 July 2018 05:45:51(UTC)
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Tutorials of optical fiber cat connected to wireless router

Optical Modem (optical cat) Huawei VCN510-16/16P/16PD Video Cloud Node Prices And Specs , also known as single port optical terminal, is a three piece optical fiber transmission equipment developed for special user environment. The device adopts large scale integrated chip, which has simple circuit, low power consumption and high reliability. It has a complete alarm status indication and a perfect network management function. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the installation of optical fiber and cat wireless router. Please see the details below.

The light drill cat usually has four output interfaces, and one of them is iTV, and there are three interfaces left. Many times we need to connect multiple computers, including mobile phone wireless WiFi Internet access. We need a wireless router at this time.


Telecom Optical cat model: HG226 (telephoto light cats can't do anything very well).

Wireless router type: TL-WR541G+ (wireless router configuration is much the same).

The concrete steps are as follows:

1. the optical net of the cat is connected to the WAN port of the Buy Hikvision DVR DS-7204/7208HTHI-K2 Prices And Specis.

2. the default address of light cat is, so the LAN port of wireless router needs to match the address of other network segments.

Configuration method: login to wireless router, IP set to

Subnet mask: saved. After setting up, the PC root network line is connected to any LAN port of the wireless router, and then IE is opened to the IP address of the above configuration, that is, the landing (the default IP for the TP-LINKS factory is

3.WAN port settings. Network parameters of the HUAWEI 1U Lighweight 8 Ports 16 Ports GPON XG-PON OLT EA5801 - WAN port settings - WAN port connection type: select the static IP-IP address: set to 192.168.1.X (need with the network segment of the cat. Note: cannot be set to or here.

Subnet mask:

Gateway: IP for light cat, that is, data packet MTU: 1500-DNS server: set IP as light cat,

4. after completing the above 3 steps, the Internet has been routable through the router, and finally the setting of wireless parameters.

Wireless parameters - basically set -SSID: any name - check to open the wireless function - allow SSID broadcast - open security settings - set your own password.

5. enable the DHCP server. The default is open.

6. modify the wireless router login password: system tool - modify the login password - custom settings.

7. restart the router, wired and wireless can access the Internet.

Unicom wireless router

1, first, connect the Unicom FTTH fiber cat, in the browser input, fill in the account number, password, landfall Unicom FTTH fiber cat, so that the computer can normal Internet

2, unplug Unicom FTTH optical fiber cat, connect the wireless router to the power supply, connect the 6-42 GHz Traditional HUAWEI IP Microwave RTN 980 to Enterprise Transmission Network to the LAN port at one end, and connect to the computer at one end.

3, enter in the browser, enter the landing interface, enter the account number, password login

4. Click [network parameter] under the LAN port settings, change the IP address on the right to, click save.

5. Clicking [MAC address clone] under the network parameter, clicking the MAC address in the right window, cloned the MAC address of the computer to the router, and clicking on it

6. Click the reboot under the system tools to update the router configuration.

7, connect the network line of the FTTH fiber cat to the WAN port of the router, enter the in the browser, and enter the interface of the wireless router instead of the interface of the FTTH fiber cat, and enter the account and password to log in

8, click the wizard on the left, choose the right PPPOE dial on the right, and take the next step.

9. Fill in the internet account and password again

10. Set the PSK password for wireless Internet

11, click restart, save settings, then open the notes and mobile phone, open the WIFI, is it possible to use wireless Internet!!!

How much is the wireless fiber cat

Brand new Shanghai Baer I-240W-Q optical fiber cat SIP protocol GPON Telecom E8-C wireless optical cat price: HK $200

New friends of China Communications PT632-GGPONE8-C four wireless optical fiber cat price: 240

Friends of China Telecom Telecom Optical cat four wireless optical fiber cat PT632G (GPON) price: 240

New China world HGU421NV3 Fujian, Guangdong Telecom Optical cat optical fiber cat price: HK $200

Daya technology Telecom Optical cat four wireless optical fiber cat DP607-G1 (GPON) reported price: 260

Latest home wireless router

The first is the more common brand S9303 S9306 S9312-HUAWEI S9300 series T bit core routing switch. TL-WDR5300. 750M dual frequency wireless router through the wall king, three antenna. How can TP-LINK be an old brand router to miss this new trend? Through the wall as the essential technology of the router now, the three antenna has strengthened the stability of the signal and quoted about 190.

The second recommendation is the extreme routing intelligent router. 802.11ac, 2.4+5G dual band, USB expansion, with 128M large memory. The AC router is just a powerful part of its memory, large flash memory, plus extreme routing as well as the wall penetration function, which is invincible. Plus about 160 of the price, the price is much cheaper than TP-LINK, and has become the strongest competitor.
The EU on originating in China seamless stainless steel pipe anti-dumping duties
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