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Cadillac is also going t
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Benefits of Video Analytics

Author: Wes Fernley

Copyright (c) 2008 Wes Fernley

As the industry of video surveillance grows so do new security technologies that allow us to easily monitor and secure private or important areas. Video Analytics is one of these new technologies. Also known as intelligent video surveillance (IVS) Nick Rimando USA Jersey , video analytics software is used to analyze video feeds and alert security personnel when needed. Video Analytics provides many benefits. The following are some of the benefits of Video Analytics.

In Depth Analysis

Advanced video analytics network camera software is able to deeply analyze video feeds, to a degree impossible for human eyes. The software looks not just at an entire image, but breaks the image down pixel by pixel. Even the smallest changes in the image can be picked up by the software.

Real-Time, Automated Video Monitoring

Despite the depth of analysis provided by the software, all of this monitoring is done in real time. Incredibly accurate surveys of video data with no time lag at all: that's powerful! Unlike security personnel, the software is always at work: it never gets tired, never takes a break.

Decrease Cost of Labour

In fact, through the use of video analytics you can actually reduce your need for security personnel. With the computer on the job, you can reduce the number of personnel you have doing nothing more than watching monitors, and focus the attention of your security staff to working on the ground and taking care of any potential threats firsthand, not from behind a video screen.

Motion Detection and Object Recognition

The advanced technology of video analytics can perform a number of useful functions. One of these is motion detection, which can be set to various levels of sensitivity. Many versions of video analytics network camera software are also capable of object recognition. It can be programmed to distinguish certain objects from each other, for example, or to recognize a single specific object and catch on if the object should change or be removed.

Alerts and Notifications

With the advanced real-time analysis being performed by the software, there are many options now available for advanced event management. For example, should motion be detected by the video analytic system, then alarms could be sounded in the building. E-mail or other notification could also be automatically sent to the owner, security staff, etc. The system can also be connected to third party hardware, such as say doors or lights, for a multitude of functions. Say you wanted the doors to automatically close and lock upon motion detection: this could be done. Or if you wanted lights to turn on or off should an object go missing, this could also be done. The possibilities are endless.

East of Installation

The best benefit of all is that this incredible network camera software is very easy to install. Oftentimes, in fact, your network cameras will even come with such software included. If not, or if you want to purchase better software, third party video analytics software can also be purchased. Then it is a simple matter of installing it to your system and you are off and running with your new, super-powered video analytics based intelligent video surveillance system!

Article Source: http:www.articlesbasecomputers-articlesbenefits-of-video-analytics-578511

About the Author:
Milestone Systems is a global thought leader and developer of open platform IP network camera softwa
Forget the duck. Forget Cindy too. And forget anything you have heard about this being the Caddy that Zigs. For the year 2000, Cadillac’s Catera has growing up, matured even. No far more cutesy catch lines, no extra thinking that its target customers are MTV Gen-Xers. When all said and done, when was the previously you saw a Catera with a surfboard on its roof or a couple of Rollerblades on the back seat? Or someone stepping out and saying, Hey, Dewd! to the valet parker?

You haven’t. People who get so-called near-luxury sedans – they are those within the $30-grand price range – do not buy style statements. If they want the world to feel they’re Everest climbers, they buy a sport-ute. They want good quality, prestige, class, lively functionality and crisp handling, plus each of the comforts of house.

So, for 2000, is relaunching the Catera. The cartoon duck has been ditched. Cindy Crawford in her micro-mini and leather boots has vanished back to the cover of Cosmo. And those ads speaking regarding the Caddy that Zigs are zagged.

More important, the Catera itself has received a welcome makeover. It now comes using a sexy, new look, a classier interior, and more of the options folks want.

Cadillac is also going to become generating more of the Sport model, which quietly slipped into the Catera lineup last May with out as well many people knowing about it.

A cautious evolution

OK, so the alterations are more of the evolution in preference to revolution wide range. Revolution comes in a couple of years’ time when the Catera takes a dramatic – and we mean dramatic – new seem in addition to a new, less attackable propulsion. It’ll also be built in the United States, instead of at GM’s Opel plant in Germany, and designed by U.S. designers.

But that’s way someday. What will be obtainable in November is a new-faced Catera that is really worth near investigation. has more than you need to know about cheap Cadillac Catera. Visit us today for info in the fastest, coolest, and most exotic cars!

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