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Having a stubborn or a very a “spirited” toddler can be very demanding for mothers. By and large all children are very animated and full of vigor. But if your son is the one who can climb to the top of a cabinet or fridge then beyond doubt he is a “spirited” daughter. Here are few steps to support you deal with adamant and spirited little ones

Don’t Surprise Him
All little ones become very restless when they are told something that has to be done right away. For example you are in park with him and when it’s time to leave the park and you answer him so, he starts throwing a tantrum and is not at all willing to leave. The better manner to do this would be to start saying him at least half an hour prior to that we will be leaving in half an hour and keep reminding him this every 5 minutes.
Be Strict
If you warn your toddler of a consequence, you better see to it that you implement it if needed. Remember stubborn toddlers always try their best to get the maximum out of the activity that they are enjoying. They have a habit of always ignoring the first no or stop command. So if you are not strict in enforcing what you have told him earlier he will know that by not stopping what he is doing Cheap Nike Air VaporMax CS , he will get to enjoy it more without any conclusion.
Let him be independent
Spirited kids want to always do chores on their own. They would convey “I do” for all chores of theirs. So things in your house need to be baby friendly so as your son can do things on his own. For example have a small closet for him where his items are only kept. Have small plastic glass for him, etc. chores that he does will be messier but trust me this would be worth it.
avert his energy
Diverting his fervor to activities that are physically exhausting helps in soothing your kid. Let him do finger printing, clay modeling Cheap Nike VaporMax Moc Womens , hand painting, get trampoline for him for jumping, take him to a beach to play with the sand.
Logical reasoning doesn’t work
Keep in mind he is not a mature adult yet. They manner a son thinks is very different than your thinking process. So he doesn’t understand logical thinking and verbal reasoning. In fact this irritates him more.
Praise Him in many instances
Whenever your toddler does something that you appreciate or whenever he does something that you want him to do Cheap Nike VaporMax Moc Mens , praise him right away. He should understand that good habits gets him praise and bad habits gets him a reprimanding.

Be Positive
Instead of calling him names like “stubborn child”, “wild cat”, “bad boy” and “irritating child” Cheap Nike Air VaporMax Moc , call him with adjectives that you would want him to be like “good boy”, active child”, “obedient child”. Trust me over the period of time he will try his best to be what you have been calling him.

Pamper Yourself
Yes you heard it right. You need break for yourself. Go out and get a massage Cheap Nike VaporMax Plus Womens , go out with your friends alone, leave your child with your partner or baby sitter for few time. Trust me your kid will benefit lot from a revitalized parent.
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