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Often, we're asked how old a
#1 Posted : 13 August 2018 08:15:50(UTC)
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Some people who are initiates to a kundalini activation have no prior understanding or context of the spiritual path (at least in the current lifetime) and therefore Authentic Bismack Biyombo Jersey , the experience can be shocking and somewhat debilitating. Adding to their confusion and bewilderment, health care professionals still regard phenomena associated with spiritual emergence as indicative of pathology because the signs are so frequently confused with the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

Because the kundalini activation comprises a reintegration of self, it can also be confusing to the partner of the initiate if they are not familiar with the symptoms and process of a spiritual emergence. With the activation of the thirde eye chakra, a kundalini initiate may experience telepathy, and the awareness of auras and healing abilities. He or she will seem to be in their own world, and in the purest sense of the expression, they will.

During a kundalini arousal, an initiate may shift into altered states of consciousness where they directly observe the dimension of source consciousness (truth) underlying the world of separation (illusion) and experience a profound sense of serenity deeply within. In some cases, the psychological upheaval of a Kundalini awakening is so serious that it may resemble a psychotic episode. Because the signs are so easily confused with the indicators of psychosis, many initiates undergoing a spiritual emergency or kundalini emergence are misdiagnosed and treated with suppressive drugs which may complicate their transformational process.

So how does the kundalini initiate receive support if not from the health care community? The highest benefit to an initiate during a spiritual emergence or kundalini rising, is a supportive mentor who can help him to make sense of the intricate connection between prana and the movement of physical energy in the body, instead of than fearing they are going crazy. There are many spiritual counselors available online to help the initiate get through their transformation but it would be advisable to take the time to hire a mentor who has had already experienced the kundalini emergence, personally. Therefore, she will be able to mentor from first-hand knowledge.

It is empowering to the initiate to fully comprehend that a kundalini rising is a completely normal and natural process that every human will have, either in this life or another. Evolution is completely natural. The kundalini awakening for humans is much like the cocoon for the caterpillar that allows it to transform into the moth. When the initiate fully realize that it is just as natural as that, then she may be able to relax and allow the activation to unfold in its own time.

So, is kundalini awakening the same as Self Realization? Well, it depends. It does quickly accelerate the initiate’s evolutionary journey but not everyone who receives a kundalini emergence, becomes instantly enlightened. You cannot evolve until you understand the nature of the Self. Self Realization can be experienced during a kundalini awakening, when the prana shakti magnificently makes its way all the way to the top of the head andup|opens up unfolds the crown chakra situated there. This flowering of the “thousand-pedaled lotus” is the indicator that it is time for the ego to temporarily dissolve so that the initiate may become one with the Source.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a alternative Wellness Coach who founded Sunlighten as well as co-founded Sunlight Day Spa; two holistic wellness companies dedicated to infrared heat therapy, sound therapy, and massage therapy. His particular Wellness Coaching practice embodies infrared sauna purification, upper cervical care, and adhering to an alkaline-forming, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, gluten-free diet.

Oh, there's nothing wrong with cartoon characters and amusement parks-but-as a parent, you're always concerned about the value of the time spent with your children.

Here's your opportunity to show them a part of the world they've probably never seen, and enjoy the entire process of learning, to boot! And if Mom needs beach time, you can still meet the quota! She can return with a tan, and stories galore.

Learn about Darwin's Theory of Evolution and enjoy the beautiful and unique flora, fauna and scenery of the Galapagos Islands... all at the same time.

Have you ever heard about birds that can't fly? The Galapagos has them.

Have you ever stood next to a Flamingo-- an elegant bird with his long, spindly legs---pink feathers and all; or have you enjoyed getting face-to-face with all types of Iguanas and nose to nose with huge turtles that live in complete and total freedom?

You meet these animals on daily expeditions when you participate in one of the exclusive Galapagos Cruises.

Perish the thought that Galapagos cruises are just educational, they offer immense adventures and true family fun. Nearly every day, you have a possibility to swim from world-class beaches. Has a photographer ever captured you swimming next to a Sea Lion?

In the Galapagos, it happens nearly every day.

Less active families can sunbathe on the beach, or simply chill---read a good book while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

I'd suggest a "Family Cruise" onboard one of several Vessels where you do not have to worry about your children. Children onboard these ships are in the well-trained hands of special Naturalist guides, who organize special land programs--exclusively for the children.

Often, we're asked how old a child must be to travel and enjoy the Galapagos Islands. In my opinion the best age is at least 10 years old. On most special "Family Cruises", however, children from 7 years and up are allowed onboard.

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