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#1 Posted : 14 August 2018 06:23:31(UTC)
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Food plays a primary role in any treatment. Through food regime you can relieve all types of diseases. So Derrick Henry Titans Jersey , food is the chief medicine. Gita says healthy food keeps the disease away. An individual must eat food items that encourage the bowel action in a natural manner. Consumption of natural foods is the best method to relieve constipation.

Constipation can be occurred due to the insufficient evacuation of bowel, hardening of stool and non-clearance of digestive food. There are several symptoms of constipation and some of them are headache, lack of appetite Jack Conklin Titans Jersey , lethargy, cheerlessness, dripping of saliva and foul smell from the mouth.

The constipation can be caused by lack of rest Jonnu Smith Titans Jersey , tension, lack of physical exertion, intestinal weakness Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey , spoilt food habits, habit of holding back the pressure and lack of adequate water in the body.

Natural foods to relieve constipation:

1. Apple: Apple is an effective natural food to cure constipation. If you eat apple after meal it causes constipation and if you taken on empty stomach it relieves constipation. The skin of the apples works as a laxative. People who are having the problem of constipation are suggested to eat apples with the skin on. If you are suffering from diarrhea take it after removing the skin from the apple.

2. Mustard oil: Massaging the stomach with mustard oil in the morning and before going to sleep at night helps to relieve constipation.

3. Wheat: The juice of wheat grass is the best natural food item that eases constipation.

4. Onion: Consumption of one raw onion with meals relieves constipation.

5. Clarified butter: Taking of clarified butter with black pepper for three days helps you to alleviate the intestines and allows the stool to bulge. By consuming of clarified butter with hot milk also reduce the stool and help in reduction of the bowels.

6. Milk: take 2 teaspoons of gulkand made by roses or shell of isabgol with hot milk at night to cure constipation.

7. Masoor daal: Eating of masoor daal is the best natural food to cure constipation.

8. Spinach: Drinking the juice of spinach in the morning alleviates constipation within a few times. Bathua and spinach taken with meals also facilitate in clearing bowels and relieve constipation

9. Bitter gourd: Consuming of bitter gourd with very little oil and spices taken for a full week help to relieves dyspepsia, flatulence Adoree' Jackson Titans Jersey , problem of the stomach, constipation, etc.

10. Fenugreek leaves: Taking of fenugreek leaves as a vegetable helps to reduce constipation. You are suggested to take 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds powder with hot water in the morning and evening. This will keep your belly in order and sharpen the appetite so that you will never suffer from constipation

11. Fig: Eating figs boiled in milk before going to bed help those people who are suffer from chronic constipation

12. Cauliflower: Taking half a glass of cauliflower juice is the best natural food item that helps you to relieve constipation

13. Melon: Melon is another natural food item to cure constipation. Eating of ripe melon alleviates constipation.

Along with these natural food items a person should also drink sufficient water to relieve constipation. To avoid constipation one is also suggested to go for walk and do yoga and exercise regularly. Exercise is the best method to relieve constipation and help in proper digestion of food. A call centre is only as good as its agents. While you can train the people to understand your processes and procedures Corey Davis Titans Jersey , certain traits must be evident to ensure you are hiring only the best agents. To provide the best call centre services in Calgary, you should look for specific characteristics in the people you hire.

The Ability to Communicate

While many jobs require a person to have good communication skills, none require it as much as a call centre or customer service department. Specific communication skills are required to make a person successful in this role. They must be able to provide accurate information in a way that the customer understands. This often involves being able to take technical language and transform it into layman’s terms.

A call centre agent is one who can make others understand what he or she is saying. They can get their point across or provide information in an efficient manner. They are also able to handle customer complaints using the right words to help the person feel heard and understood.

Attention to Detail

A call centre agent must be able to understand the problem or complaint that the customer has and work to resolve it. Sometimes this involves looking at an account and seeing where a mistake was made. It may involve reviewing the information with the customer and helping them find where they are wrong.

Many times Harold Landry Titans Jersey , the problem is not an obvious one or easy to solve. An agent must be able to look at the entire picture and discover where the issue lies. In a role that involves reviewing the same situations over and over, it can become monotonous, but a quality agent will be able to treat each case as new.


Multiple calls come into a call centre in Calgary every day. Agents must remain organized and be able to switch from one screen or database to another effortlessly. They often have to handle more than one task and take notes to ensure that all issues are recorded accurately.

When a person is organized Rashaan Evans Titans Jersey , they can resolve the customer’s issue faster and move on to the next person. At the same time, they will provide real resolution and record the details to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again or that other team members know what is going on.

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#3 Posted : 05 August 2020 19:48:15(UTC)
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