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Patterns Used by a Perforated Pipe Manufacturer
#1 Posted : 20 May 2016 07:02:56(UTC)
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A perforated copper sleeves manufacturer offers a variety of options to suit the specific needs of each customer. The materials the pipe is made from, the diameter, and the size of the holes all depend upon the purpose for which the product will be used. Stainless steel, for example, is most commonly used in automotive and aviation applications, as well as for filtration and sometimes for decorative purposes. Aluminum is the proper choice for applications in which corrosion resistance is important, and also offers the added benefit of strength without adding excess weight. The choices of material, diameter, and pattern are all important when ordering product from a perforated pipe manufacturer.

Not only is the pvc pipe production line manufacturers for the application important, but also the diameter, frequency, and pattern of the holes affect the performance of the finished product. In filtration, the diameter of the holes and the distance between them determines both the structural strength and the speed at which the media will pass through. The pattern is determined by the use of the pipe. The size and patterns of the holes used in the filtration process are decided by the desired size of the material to be filtered, as well as the rate at which the material is to pass through the filter, and the pattern and pressure at which it will be expelled. For viscous materials like oil, a keyhole or slotted pattern offers increased structural strength while allowing for the maximum flow of material through the filter. Agricultural filtration, which is meant to screen small particulates out of irrigation Board Production Line exporters, for example, requires smaller holes and a specific pattern which helps both control the pressure at which the liquid flows and the direction and pressure at which it exits the filter.

In other applications, like noise deadening, the size of the perforation is more important than the pattern placement. Noise deadening, as in automotive exhaust pipes, will require less in the way of structural strength and more in the way of vibration control. A spiral pattern offers both structural strength and sound-deadening effects. The holes are small enough to prevent the sound waves from passing through, and the pattern prevents the sound from simply transferring through the wall of the pipe through vibration.

In EMI shielding, the holes must be smaller than the wavelengths of the energy being shielded in order to create an unbroken conductive or resistant surface. Some cables require two separate covers to contain or shield against different types of energy. Without proper shielding, many electronic devices would be rendered useless by the interference caused by ambient electromagnetic energy from other devices and the environment.

The expertise of a China Plastic Pipe Extruder is essential to making the right decisions regarding materials and perforation patterns. In cases where the required pattern is not already stocked by the manufacturer, customized orders are often possible. The company will work with the customer to determine the material, sizes, and patterns to be used.
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