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le a feeling of "cold a
#1 Posted : 14 January 2020 07:02:15(UTC)
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he sun is rising and the rain is calling for vegetation. In the spring breeze and rain, the sun is warming day by day, the plants and trees are gradually putting on green clothes, and the birds are chanting, and even the flowers of various colors can't wait to laugh and open their faces, white like snow, pink like Xia, and yellow. Jin ... It's here that "chaotic flowers are gradually fascinating to the eyes", in the spring of plants and all things, the beautiful and elegant April comes. The April sky was tinged with Fang Fei's story. Heaven, wavy wavy blue, strong sunlight like a large umbrella that spreads out, let cotton-like clouds hide away, curious sunlight picked up the windowsill, probed into the dark room probe, and even printed his body. As soon as I opened the window, the unexpected sunlight fell into the room. Although it was one meter square Marlboro Gold, it made the whole room a lot of color, and it was warm to the people Newport Cigarettes. Gathering the bright spring and warm summer sunshine, although a little frizzy, it is generally soft. The hard soil is getting softer and softer under the continuous touch of the sun. The plants in the field begin to frantically articulate, and even the poplars spread their leaves. The high and low buildings and streets become layered in the sun. The sunny side is always glorious, as beautiful as this season. The days of April are a stage for the birds to contend. "Several early warbler contends for warming the tree, whose new swallow pecks the spring mud." The birds who disappeared all winter appeared one after another, a long, short, gurgling, chirping sound sounded under the branches and under the eaves, making the quiet There was an extra leisure in April. Although the industrious swallows experienced a long journey, they did not rest, but flew out to fly close to the nest. Mouth to mouth mud, countless flying, making the nest embedded under the eaves as strong as a bunker. On the persimmon tree that is sprouting and spitting leaves, every single yellow warbler sings and sings, as if "thousands of warblers sing green and red", the rhyme is as clear as a mountain spring and melodious as a flute. There are also magpies and thrushes, one after another scrambling, showing their most beautiful voices. Unwilling to be lonely, the sparrow can't escape the suspicion of being profligate. Although it also followed the ass with a high and low noise, no one calmly admired it. The days of April are spring days. Pink peach blossoms, white pear blossoms, golden rapeseeds ... you won't let me, I won't let you, fight for beauty, and be stunned by the score. Peach blossoms are always blooming randomly, maybe "three or two branches of peach blossoms outside the bamboo", "beginning to see peach blossoms with tree heads", or "mountain peach blossoms beginning to bloom", but they are all brilliant, one after another Blossoming like a xia, it makes "the human face peach blossoms look red". "A branch of pear blossom with spring rain". "Thousands of trees and pears bloom." Against the background of the dew, the clusters of pear blossoms like Ruixue settled down. They were full of affection, coquettish and seductive, giving people a feeling of "cold and gorgeous Jin Xie Xue Marlboro Red, Yu Xiang getting into the clothes". The golden rapeseed always stands on a high hillside and spreads out like a brocade. When the sun passed by, they were full of golden light, attracting butterflies and flying bees. The bees are collecting honey, the butterflies are dancing, and they are not slack in the face of various flowers, because after the flowering period, all kinds of fruits will jump to the branches like a doll on the ground in April. , Carrying the vicissitudes of years. Actually, it doesn't matter what day of April it is, what matters is how we face it. Because if you are in April on the earth, Chen Gen will
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