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ated the rain falling from the
#1 Posted : 14 January 2020 07:03:21(UTC)
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Listen to He Yi early, early in the morning is best. At this time, the birds were not awake, but the stars were lethargic, and the dew was shaking on the lotus leaves. At this time, the lotus is quiet, and the silence is better than the sound. We understand the tacit understanding between the lotus leaves and the lotus. We can imagine that the entire lotus pond is a lotus root baby and a lotus fairy who are sleeping peacefully. The Dutch have different living conditions. The slugs in the mud, the round leaves on the water, and the slim flowers may symbolize the triple realm of heaven and earth. The lotus root hides in the silt, which naturally represents the earth, and nutrients are constantly transported to the stems and leaves to feed beautiful, but not enchanting flowers, which is naturally similar to the earth's duty. The crowded lotus leaves on the water are more like us human beings. They gather together to live, hold the group for warmth, trust each other, and have a sense of precaution. The so-called harmful heart must not be indispensable. People need to help each other, but there is no lack of small actions behind each other. And the lotus above the water surface is in the realm of heaven, and it cannot be the same day as mortals. Whether the lotus is budding, or smiling, or blooming in full bloom, even in the late stage of withering Carton Of Cigarettes, it gives people the impression that they are not eating the fireworks on earth. The beauty of the lotus cannot be described by language, nor can it be figured out with the mind of a mortal person. If you can understand one or two, it will also be used for life. But not everyone can get up so early, listening to the lotus in different situations at different times, naturally will have different beauty, different perceptions. When the moon goes down, you will hear the sound of moonlight like water. It is an eternal river of time, and it always flows in a hurry. Spiritual people can also hear the waves in the river, the fish and shrimp swimming in time, the growth of water plants and joints, and the soothing oars. Listening to the lotus under the moon, everyone who is serious will hear the deep laughter of the old man under the moon, and the sigh of secular men and women craving for love and turning to sleep. Perhaps the so-called love is not worth mentioning to the lotus. Those little dragonflies like the prodigal son, how much more exaggeration, how can they fall in love? Listening to the lotus under the moon, people who love love will hear the conversation among friends, the encouragement among loved ones, the thoughts of lovers, and the long waiting of lovers. Moonlight is a thin record that not only records the old songs of the years, the whispers of the world, but also hears the lotus flowers and moonlight talk. If you listen to the lotus in the rain Online Cigarettes, you can hear the voice of compassion. The lotus leaf is naturally compassionate, and always wants to catch all the dripping raindrops, but the raindrops don't appreciate it, rolling around or falling into the pool of water, that is where it should go, and where it ends. I have to say that there are too many misunderstandings in the world, some will be relieved, some will regret for life. The battle between raindrops and lotus leaves was very fierce, but it was only wishful thinking. Lotus leaves treated the rain falling from the sky with unparalleled tolerance, which really made many people with small stomachs ashamed. But in the rain, holding an umbrella and listening to the rain hit the lotus leaves, someone can still hear the climax of the heart, which has to be said as the sadness of the soul Marlboro Gold. We don't require everyone to have the compassion of the lotus to treat raindrops, but there can also be no way to listen to the poison of the revenge, but they are just an opportunity, and many people will not do it deliberately. The voice of Lotus is in my heart. On a hot summer day, there is a breeze blowing over the lotus pond. Will you suddenly hear the Zen sound of Lotus? I was trembling, suddenly realized, and also painless
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